Automation Frustration!

Remember the days when………? We appear to be increasingly intent on living in an environment which suppresses a natural desire to converse with one another. This is becoming commonplace in many of our day to day activities but how much of this is down to the drive towards driving automation into many day to day activities.

Phone calls to many large organisations have you mouthing out your requests in loud distinguishable fashion, pity the person who drops their vowels or doesn’t speak the Queen’s English.

Supermarkets have self service checkouts where customers are corralled into an area where peeps soon become overcome by the sound and sights of red lights flashing as grandma is left waiting to have her age approved and all in the quest to purchase a bottle of sherry! And don’t you dare try to pack anything away before the allotted time period!!

Ah the banks, can you imagine what fun the Ant Hill Mob would have had by turning up to a banking hall to find not a single member of staff to confront!! In a bid to cut costs the banks appear to subscribe to the fact that the day of the bank cashier informing you of all the local gossip as you pay in your cheques, is gone. Instead we are confronted with an ugly looking machine which is as confused as we are when things don’t quite go according to plan.

The truth of it is, whilst technology has a place it doesn’t have those qualities that are present in people who deliver excellent customer service. These include flexibility, understanding of a customer’s needs, empathy and a willingness to fix things when not everything goes according to plan, and all this alongside a desire to keep the customer completely satisfied.

One company that is offering an alternative to automation in its beer line cleaning processes is Clear Brew, the beer line cleaning professionals. The beer line cleaning industry has seen an influx of machines, that are fitted into cellars and sold or rented under the premise that they will take over this often laborious, wasteful and time-consuming task.  Stephen Trezona, managing director of professional beer line cleaners, is keen to point out the caveats associated with these systems, as he states, ‘Like a lot of technology, the initial financial outlay can be significant and where this is subsidised by the provider, it normally comes with a substantial annual or monthly fee. It also does not eradicate the need to top up with the chemicals required to carry out a clean. I do however think the most important element is the thing that we base our business model upon and that is the need to have someone who takes personal responsibility for the cleanliness of the lines.’ Stephen’s company, Clear Brew, operates a network of professional trained line cleaners, who each run their own businesses through a franchise and work under the mantra of keeping the customer happy by ensuring that the service they provide saves money, reduces waste and maintains a high level of dispense quality, oh and they’re not adverse to picking up a mop or cloth to ensure the cellar is looking spotless. Added to this is the fact that you can talk to them and get an answer!!! Their service is proving increasingly popular amongst publicans, hotel bar supervisors, social clubs, bingo halls and anywhere that serves beer through a dispense system. One thing’s for certain, in years to come when the machines are gathering dust and flashing faulty lights, their professional line cleaners will not be needing software updates or battery top ups as they continue to keep their clients happy with a smile and a first class service.


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