What Constitutes Good Customer Service?

Many companies claim to offer optimum customer service but what makes you choose to use a particular service? Some would say that there is nothing worse than being greeted by a grumpy face whilst others believe knowledgeable staff is key. At Clear Brew, the Uk’s number 1 independent beer line cleaning company, we understand the importance of providing an all-round, excellent customer experience. Here are a few ways in which we ensure you will be satisfied with our beer line cleaning service.

Building a Bond

The friendly Clear Brew team work hard to understand and meet the needs of each individual customer. Building a good rapport enables the team to carry out an efficient clean that is suited to the establishment.

Do you have a Pressing Beer Line Query? Just ask Clear Brew

We aim to respond to all questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Clear Brew realise your time is valuable and are eager to assist you, save you time and money.

Reliability is Key

Operating an establishment is hard work. Clear Brew removes the added stress and hassle of beer line cleaning. Armed with the necessary equipment and line cleaning chemicals, the technicians promptly arrive at your establishment every three weeks as arranged.

Knowledge Surrounding all things Beer Line Cleaning

All of our technicians attend intensive training over a series of days. This enables them to provide a highly professional service you can trust.

Maintaining a high standard of customer service is crucial in business. Clear Brew’s attitude towards customers, reliability and expertise ensures that the team are, and continue to be, the UK’s number 1 independent beer line cleaning company.

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