What have the Clear Brew Head Office been up to during Week One of Lockdown?

Last week, the Clear Brew team gathered their equipment, papers and a supply of biscuits and set-up an office in their own homes. Although it has been odd for us all not to see Roy’s cheery face in the morning!!!!, we have adapted to our new surroundings and made the most of our time working from home.

Stephen immediately began ensuring customers had the knowledge and supplies they needed to protect their beer lines during closure. Pots of Guardian were delivered to customers, along with information on how to preserve the lines during closure.


In between work, David has been making the most of the sun by playing football in the garden with his dogs. He’s adapting and getting used to his new teammates who insist on catching and running off with the ball. Although their technique is a little ruff (apologies, couldn’t resist it), they have quickly managed to equal their master’s dribbling skills.

At the beginning of the week, Roy had trouble teaching his dogs social distancing however they seem to have caught on to the idea now. So much so, that he now thinks it would be a good idea to keep it up when we move back into the office, especially in view of the fact David still wears Old Spice after shave (other products also available).

My dog and I have been making the most of our daily trip by walking along the Cornish coast. This seems to tire her out nicely. So, I will leave you with this image of one very sleepy dog, who appears to be wondering what all the fuss is about!

How have you been spending your time in lockdown?

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