When An Offer is Genuinely FREE

When is an offer truly free. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) states that, ‘The use of ‘free’ in advertising can sometimes cause confusion for consumers and should not be used unless something is a genuine free offer. Free offers can be conditional on the purchase of other items however it must be clear how customers can get the free item, the quality of the paid for item should not be reduced.’

Free offerings can often mean sub standard service or a commitment from the consumer to delve into long term contracts. When Clear Brew Beer Line cleaners say FREE, they really mean it and there are no tie ins, they will visit your site and provide a FREE initial clean and cellar survey. If you don’t like what they do, then they will walk away without placing any hard sell or commitment on the customer.

So why do they offer a free initial clean?

They have such believe in their service and the benefits to the customer that they want to demonstrate just how effective the service can be in helping save money, improve quality and reduce waste. As individual business owners they appreciate how frustrating it can be when customers are expected to sign up to long term contracts that can be both costly and restrictive, so they practice what they preach, they just don’t offer any! Furthermore, they rely on maintaining customer loyalty, so they ensure each and every beer line clean they carry out is as good as the first.

They align these old-fashioned principles alongside the service they deliver, in that it is customer focused. They will turn up at a time that is convenient to the client, carry out the cellar survey, clean the lines and demonstrate how continued use of the service can make a significant cost saving to the establishment they are servicing. And that is not the only thing that is free! Ongoing, you, as a bar manager/manageress not only vastly reduce wastage but you also benefit from using the time you would normally spend cleaning and arranging staff rotas to greater effect, all in the knowledge that this painstaking task is being carried out by trained professionals.

Going back to the ASA on the issue of making it clear how customers can get the free item, well it really is very simple, just visit their website, find your local branch and either call or make an on-line inquiry. There is no registration process and no requirement to sign up to ongoing marketing material. Don’t just take their word for it, just reading some of the exceptional testimonials they have received is evidence of the benefits they can provide in facilitating your beer line cleaning procedure.

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