Why you should use Clear brew to clean your beer lines post lockdown

The most recent lockdown left many proprietors having to close down their establishments at very short notice. In many cases this has led to the lines in which the beer flows, being compromised.

Here are 5 reasons why you should employ the services of beer line cleaning professionals such as Clear Brew.

  1. Once exposed to air, yeast build up can clog lines, collect in couplers, tarnish taps and invade dispense nozzles, all components that can lead to fobbing and poor tasting beer. This build up can often start by the mere presence of small yeast particles but like garden weeds, quickly grow uncontrollably. Getting rid of this yeast build up can be problematic. Clear Brew utilise specialist equipment to both facilitate the cleaning process whilst also reducing waste.
  2. Clear Brew use an eco-friendly, industry strength chemical that clearly indicates the presence of yeast, in all areas of the dispense system.
  3. Clear Brew’s trained technicians give due attention to all aspects of he dispense system, including couplers and nozzles.
  4. Clear Brew’s technician are fully trained professionals who have vast amounts of experience in carry out many cleans within the industry, meaning they fully understand the issues that can manifest after a significant period of lockdown.
  5. You can get on with the all important task of preparing to receive your first customers, so that you can serve them a pristine drop of beer that tastes exactly as it should do.

Clear Brew cover all areas of the country with a network of trained technicians ready to take your call.  

To book your pre-opening clean, contact us.

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